The machine learning Discord chatbot!

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Friday is a machine learning chatbot made to bring more life to your Discord servers, with the added bonus of a few extra features.


The default prefix symbol for commands is “!” (without the quotes)



Aliases: !guild, !serverinfo, !guildinfo

Gives you info about the current server


Displays some information about Friday :)


Aliases: !problem

If you have an issue or noticed a bug with Friday, this will send a message to the developer.


Aliases: !commands, !?

Lists all of my commands or info about a specific command.



This command only works for YouTube videos. (Soundcloud and more will be added in the future). This can be used with a link to a YouTube video or search for the video with the video title as the commands argument.


Displays the current song/audio playing and any upcoming audio in the queue


Aliases: !resume, !pause

Toggles the playing state of the audio if Friday is connected. If one of the aliases is used the play state is changed respectivly


If Friday is connected and has an audio queue playing the queue will be cleared and


Skips to the next song/audio clip in the queue if there is another song to play.



Aliases: !rps

Play some Rock, Paper, Scissors with Friday


Aliases: !dice, !r, !d

Calulates a D&D dice roll


Aliase: !insp

Sends an image with a silly inspirational quote on it.


Gets a meme from Reddit and sends the an image


Gets a r/mademesmile meme from Reddit and sends the image


It’s time for soup! This sends an image of some soup from an array of soup images.