Why Friday?


Friday is a chatbot powered by GPT-3, with the capability for contextual conversations. To start chatting, mention Friday followed by your message.


Friday is always working towards making your servers better. With moderation tools, you can now give your moderators the power to moderate your servers easier and keep your communities safe.

To prevent spam and raiding if your server(s) Friday is also equipt with powerful features such as a phrase blacklist, invite spam, mention spam, etc...


Games like minesweeper, rock paper scissors, dice rolling, and more to come are available with Friday.


Friday has music commands that allow you to play music from YouTube and some other media services.

 Frequent Updates

Friday is always working to make your servers better. With frequent updates, you can be sure that Friday will keep improving. Join Friday's Support Discord server and get notified when new Friday updates come out.

 99.8% Uptime

Friday is always moving towards 100% up-time. Friday is always working towards making your servers better, and the up-time getting better so you can have a chat with Friday any time.

 Reddit media extraction

Post a link to a Reddit post with media, and if Friday reacts with 🔗 then the posts media will be extracted if you too react with 🔗

 Slash commands

Friday's commands have begun converting to slash commands. To check if a command has a slash command equivalent, find the command on the documentation website.


Greet new members to your server with a welcome message and/or role with Friday's welcoming features that can be configured on the web dashboard or through commands found on the documentation website.


Setup a text channel to log moderative actions done by Friday or the moderators and admins of your server.