Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Friday not responding to me?

Friday will respond when mentioned using @Friday, or if you reply to a message from Friday in a chat channel set with the !chatchannel command (e.g., chat-with-friday). Friday won't respond to messages longer than 100 characters (200 characters for Patrons). If Friday still doesn't respond, please report the issue in the support Discord server.

Why is Friday repeating herself?

As Friday generates her own responses, it's not clear why repetition sometimes occurs. You can use the !reset command to reset her chat history, which may resolve the issue.

How do I use the bot?

You can find all commands by using the !help command or visiting the documentation at To chat with Friday, simply mention her in your message, and she will respond.

How do I make a channel where I don't need to mention the bot to chat?

Use the !chatchannel command followed by the channel name (e.g., !chatchannel #channel) to create a chat channel where mentioning Friday isn't necessary. For more information, visit

What happened to the website dashboard?

The web dashboard is currently being rebuilt. Check the support Discord server for updates on when this is back online. While I work on the new dashboard, all of Friday's settings can be changed using commands.