Privacy Policy

Friday will only collect data that is sent to it with either mentioning the bot or with a command (by default starting with !), as well as information about the guilds that Friday is a part of for the purpose of saving settings.

Data such as guild ids, user ids, guild member nicknames and message content may also be collected to improve the bots' responses when chatting.

Data collected by Friday may be manually reviewed for purposes of improving the bots' chat responses and functionality and will never be released to the public.

Collected data including messages that mention Friday will be saved permanently to understand how Friday responds to prompts. If you wish for this data to be deleted send me a message with your nickname/username from the server that you were talking to Friday in.

Collected data including messages that mention Friday may also be collected by OpenAI

Other collected data including settings made with commands (by default starting with the prefix !) will be deleted upon removing Friday from your server.